*SOLD* Tristan available now! $1250 shipped

Friday, July, 28, 2017

Here is a link to more pictures and information about Tristan!


Prototype Jaxson SOLD

Friday, June 30, 2017

*SOLD* Aislynn Dominique $2150 USD

This baby is available and ready to ship today! Please click the link to view larger photographs and to read about Aislynn's marvelous details.


*SOLD* Yiana Butterfly on Ebay!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hi everyone! Yiana is finally listed. I love the twins by Bonnie Brown! This baby is available again. Her layaway mom had an emergency and is unable to bring Yiana home. I will accept the first reasonable offer.


*SOLD* Jessamine on eBay!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jessa sold last year to an avid doll collector who is now upgrading to her dream baby created by me. I accepted Jessa as partial payment toward the dream baby. Jessa is in mint condition and I have provided three updated photos showing her recently pierced ears. Here is a link to the eBay listing:


*SOLD* $235 Partially Painted Saskia

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hey everybody! This is the $235 boo boo Saskia painted kit that was purchased by a fellow Facebook member. Turns out, this baby is not boo boo, her paint is silky smooth. She is PARTIALLY PAINTED, however. I don't want anyone who lays eyes on her to compare her to my fully painted works, so I am clarifying this here. She DOES NOT have the treatments from the final part of my tutorial-- only the first part. She is going to another artist for rooting and eye placement obviously, lol! I just love this kit! I will have a completed Saskia for sale before Christmas, promise.


This is a friendly reminder to buyers of my partially painted kits.

I am testing new painting techniques that I plan to unveil next year. I test in stages, so I often sell partially painted tester kits. These tester kits are NOT fully painted-- meaning that they will require another artist to complete the coloring process, as outlined in my tutorials. The work required will vary from kit to kit, but each kit will require an intermediate to advanced artist to complete nail coloring, lip coloring, and color matching of the vinyl parts. 

These kits are priced low because they are not finished. If you don’t have my tutorials or the God-given talent to finish a partially painted kit, these unfinished, partially painted kits will only confuse and frustrate you. Please don’t let the low price tempt you.

I will have more partially painted kits available in the coming weeks. Check my Facebook page often as artists snatch them up quickly.

SOLD OUT-- Tutoring Now Available

Friday, June 24, 2016

Tutoring sessions are now available for the mini tutorials! To qualify for a session, you must own:

1. Any Coloring Guide
2. Preparation Mini Tutorial
3. Neapolitan Chiaroscuro Mini Tutorial
4. Depth & Details Mini Tutorial

For 45 days, you will receive a forum membership. Each member will have her own private forum where she can post questions. She may also upload videos and pictures for critique.

There is no general chat area. Other members will not be able to view your pictures, videos, posts, questions or answers. Members will not know who else belongs to the forum. Total privacy!

Each session will last 45 days. The fee is $45 USD. You will receive a link to your forum, a password and a username within 24 hours of payment reciept. I have time to work with 10 artists. Slots will be booked in the order they are received. Artists may also opt to chat via Facebook or email.




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